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7 Levels of Impact Investing: A Regenerative Perspective on Assessing Potential Outcomes

The term “impact investment” emerged in 2007 to describe an approach that deliberately builds intangible assets alongside tangible, financial ones. A commitment to measuring social and environmental performance with the same rigor that is applied to financial performance is considered a critical, even indispensable, component of impact investing.   We believe that dividing out the […]

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The Regenerative Business – Recreating Honoree, Ben Kneppers, Co-founder Bureo

Carol Sanford interviews Ben Kneppers of Bureo ( Ben was named a Recreating Honoree in conjunction with the Regenerative Business Summit 2016.

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The Regenerative Business – Solar City—Transacting Stream Honoree for The Regenerative Business Prize

Carol Sanford interviews Solar City about the initiatives that impressed our panel of judges.

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The Regenerative Business – Global Honoree: Rincon-Vitova

Meet Jan Dietrick and Ron Whitehurst, owners. They produce beneficial insects for the agriculture industries and other places that beneficial insects are additive to nature.

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The Regenerative Business – David Leventhal

Carol Sanford interviews David Leventhal of Playa Viva Hotel on the south facing coast of Mexico. David is a recent Communing Honoree by the Regenerative Business Prize.

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Babushka Dolls

What Is Regeneration? Part 5 – Nestedness

It is clear to most of the folks I talk with that the primary paradigm, or worldview, that we use to manage businesses (as well as government, education, and families) is causing a major shortfall for humans, economies, societies, and our living Earth. Interestingly, most people can list a few qualities of this paradigm but […]

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What Is Regeneration? Part 4 – Singularity

A current, prevailing worldview is that everything and everyone can be categorized as a particular type. Each of us—plant, animal, or human—can be classified within a system of limited possibilities. Based on this belief, all of us humans are hungry to know who we are and how we fit into our time and place. We […]

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