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We grow your brilliant technical and creative people into…

great business people, in 15 days over nine months. 

Responsible Business Guest Lecture Series @ UW BothellThe UW Bothell School of Business is partnering with Carol Sanford Institute to bring a focused and accelerated option to the executive education.  It is for growth-minded entrepreneurs and business managers currently excellent in their field, but ready for leading a larger group with a P&L.  The curriculum, with an extensive track record, brings practical business acumen, to your technical and creative experts, rapidly. Now you find the leaders with technology or creative skills and we quickly teach them all they need to know to grow earnings, margins and cash flow through every decision and action.  The program melds the school’s well-known approach to inspiring business excellence with the Institute’s core experience in innovation in business strategy, leadership and operational design.

The Regenerative Business Executive Education Program and it’s offerings are game changing in their approach to business education—in speed, depth and practicality.  The program is grounded in the following learning methods coupled with business acumen:

  1. Creating Community Partners – working with innovative businesses and media to change the conversation about success to include all stakeholders working together for systemic success within the region;
  2. Philosophy and Practice – promoting developmental approaches in all aspects of business (i.e. working to realizing the potential of people, materials, offerings, and markets), regenerative approaches ((i.e. find the DNA, the essence, of a business and embed it in everything, creating distinctiveness and non-place-ability)), and using critical systems thinking that fosters the connection between great and innovative ideas and ways to affect radically improved concrete outcomes)
  3. Methodology –  Socratic instruction through  “project based consultative learning process coupled with peer mentoring which grows leaders more rapidly combining learning and doing;
  4. Curriculum – Using systemic frameworks for disruptive thinking and pushing boundaries, rather than static models or outdated practices, that make innovation understandable and possible in all core subjects from strategy to management;
  5. Sourcing – Research and curriculum is drawn from tested case stories and methods which are taught by the people who collaboratively created them in the field rather than only academic constructions; and
  6. Responsibility – We educate on how to embed responsibility into every decision and action of the business, rather make it a program or project that is a sidebar to everyday work.

“Carol Sanford shares the insights gleaned from a lifetime of working with path breaking businesses. She transforms how they think about themselves and the world – generating not only prosperity but levels of meaning and commitment that most firms only dream of. She has created the prototype for the future of business.”

– Rebecca Henderson, Senator John Heinz Professor of Environmental Management, Harvard Business School


Who Will Benefit

The program uses a “Build / Test / Upgrade” approach and is therefore very hands-on.  As a result, it requires that participants be working in a business organization where they can apply their learning immediately.  The business must have been delivering offerings for two years or more.

To be considered for The Regenerative Business Executive Education Program, you must be one of the following:

  • An individual currently in a business unit leadership role in an organization;
  • Your organization has expressed a commitment to your development into such a role OR they have an interest in moving you into a business unit leadership role;
  • Interested in transitioning into a leadership role of a small- to mid-sized business;
  • A small- or mid-sized entrepreneurial business owner or executive in such a business;
  • A STEM or Creative company leader who wants to improve your business acumen in strategy, leadership and management skills so that innovative business offering succeeds.

This certificate program is not open to consulting businesses or consultants.  For consultants, there is a separate opportunity to work with Carol Sanford Institute at


Program Schedule

The Responsible Business Executive Education Program

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The 15 day certificate program is designed for growth-minded entrepreneurs and business executives.  It is 12 days over 9 months on site + monthly 2 hour recorded webinars, ensuring application of the material.  The content is divided into three programs – Strategic Thinking, Leadership of Change and Culture, internally and externally,  and Management coupled with Work Design – each educating you to think as a leader of enlightened disruptive  and growth working with the mind of a CEO.

You can take each trimester individually for a mini-certificate upon completion or take all three trimesters for a certificate of completion for the entire program.

2016-2017 Dates are:

Strategy Trimester— September 23, October 21,  November 17-18

Leadership Trimester—January13, Feb 10, March 9-10

Operational Trimester— April 14,  May 12, June 15-16


“Carol is a visionary in creating the future of business by giving us revolutionary, yet proven, ideas. Her ideas are better than the old MBA still being taught.   Carol’s work  continues be an amazing source of  inspiration for Google’s Global Food program. Her recommended ‘business’ approach is one of the foundational philosophies of Google Food.”

– Michiel Bakker, Director, Global Food for Google



The basis of the curriculum draws from living systems and a profound tested and proven theory of how change happens. Change that leads to great businesses, and making a difference in the world.

The program will be divided into three trimesters, focusing on Strategic Thinking, Leadership of Change and Operations and management respectively.  Participants will work with a small community of entrepreneurs and business unit leaders who are all committed to building and growing a great business, responsibly.

First Trimester: Strategic Thinking & Execution – Get The Non-displace-ability Advantage

  1. Focus: Discover the uniqueness (essence) of your business, the global imperatives you affect and set a non-displaceable corporate direction.
  2. Performance: Set Indices that direct the growth of your business, responsibly. Earnings, Margin and Cash Flow growth
  3. Loyalty: Understand users,  markets and buyers better than they understand themselves.
  4. Investment: Product Development and Innovation that magnetizes a market
  5. Capacity: Assess and develop partners, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions that advance your business
  6. Market: Develop and evolve business models that create reliable returns, while embedding responsibility

Second Trimester:  Leadership of Change and Growth

  1. Ecosystem: Lead development of a vital and viable stakeholder ecosystem
  2. Possibilities: Foster innovation and creativity by transforming trends into opportunities with your uniqueness?
  3. Competitive Dynamics: How to assess and seize opportunities in a dynamic global world; regulatory, global financial and governance arenas
  4. Competitive Strategies: understand competitor’s strategic thinking and execution as a source of creativity and new collaboration.
  5. Lead Change: Understand Archetypes in promoting large scale and history changing endeavors.
  6. Strategic  & Intent: Establishing systemic and holistic goals,  then track progress. Build a culture that supports innovation, responsibility and change.

Third Trimester:  Operational Work & Organization Design and Management Practices to Foster Responsibility and Innovation as the Way of Working for everyone, everyday on every task

  1. Motivation for Humans: Managing practices that foster and inspire self-determining organizations and individual contribution, non-hierarchically.
  2. Issues Management: How to design pay and progression so that issues are self-resolving and performance is assessed via system actualizing approaches.
  3. Project Management and Problem Solving: a living systems approach that ensures project management is on time, on budget and on target, including in tune with strategic direction.
  4. Technology Mapping: Designing and managing the value-adding process for workflow that is most effective and highly efficient.
  5.  Tangible Factors:  How do you keep an organization flexible, resilient, collaborative and fully integrated while getting work done and accomplishing goals?
  6.  Developmental Work Design:  How do you get work done while you maintain and improve the organization and its offerings simultaneously?


Application Information

The Responsible Business Executive Education Program is the culmination of Carol Sanford’s work in business executive development and education.  It is designed to educate high-aspiration and high-intentioned leaders who are seeking to take on more responsibility in order to move the business toward an increasingly holistic growth and effectiveness.

Program Fees

The Responsible Business Executive Education Program is $4,999 per trimester and results in a mini-certificate or $14,997 for all three trimesters and a certificate of completion.

Application Process

Applications are being accepted now until July 1, 2016.  Applications will be going through a two-step process:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Complete a follow-up conversation with TRBEEP Director and Lead Faculty, Carol Sanford, to ensure that the program is a perfect match for your and will serve you well.

You can also contact Carol Sanford directly at or 425.967.3991.


Learn More

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