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Team Members


Carol SanfordCarol Sanford

Carol Sanford is invited as a thinking partner and educator by Fortune 100 Executives and game-changing entrepreneurs when the work is to CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY; i.e. change industries, transform social systems, revolutionize cultural paradigms and capitalize founding governing agreements—while everyone learns, simultaneously, to build a great business. Examples of her collaborators include Google, DuPont, Colgate, Nike and Seventh Generation.

As partners,  they have worked on the entrenched challenges, at chaotic points in history and in places often at a tipping point, while building the financial performance of the business. Carol believes these are inextricably linked.  With Colgate-Palmolive, in South Africa during the transition to the New Republic of South Africa, implementing the new Constitutional requirements that gave Mandela an unequivocal exemplar to compel change in all businesses plus growing revenues by 30% a year; and in Europe, restructuring the company during the transition into the European Common Market while also taking industry leadership of earnings. In the Southern USA, building stronger economies and communities even as Kingsford closed down facilities while building and maintaining taking a brand national and creating a non-displaceable 70% market share— with no one losing a job; with Google in rethinking our planetary relationship to food building an Innovation Lab founded in Carol’s thought leadership frameworks. 

Across over 30 industries, over 100 countries, for almost four decades, her work has been a guiding light for executives and co-creators of business organizations who want to make a huge difference, even beyond their current ableness. CEOs and Founders claim her work changed their own lives, as well as those of the company members and made them all better leaders of great and powerful change.

She is also a trusted advisor on improving due diligence in Investing to know if an investment will make a significant social difference, a moon-shot difference, plus how financial management can embed responsibility into daily business decision making. She is lauded by the leaders in the impact investing field as giving practical grounding to the idea of giving capitalism the power to live out of its highest and best potential. 

Many of these stories are captured in her two multi-award winning books – The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success (Jossey Bass 2011) and The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Game Changing Archetypes for Founders, Leaders and Impact Investors (2014).  Soon, The Responsible Human: Building a Life that Matters (2015). Her books are required reading at over 100 universities including Harvard, Stanford, Babson and University of Michigan.

Carol is repeatedly listed in the Top 100 Thought Leaders for Trustworthy Business Behavior and she is rated a favorite speaker by audiences globally because of her inspired story telling of real leaders who had no idea what they could do, until they stepped up to change history; and stories from her own life, growing up in a family and culture of racism, power manipulation and search for salvation. More importantly, the are lifted up by how she continues to grow herself beyond it still— everyday.


Glenna GerardGlenna Gerard

Glenna Gerard is co-author of the book Dialogue: Rediscover the Transforming Power of Conversation (John Wiley & Sons, 1998). She consults with leaders on integrating Dialogue into business initiatives to create results and build trust in the workplace.

Glenna works with leaders to tap the collective intelligence and commitment of those who work for and with them. She is a specialist in strategic thinking, productive dialogue and creating strong business results through engagement and collaboration.

Glenna has worked in a variety of leadership positions, including product development, sales, and business management. She pioneered the development and application of dialogue in organizations. She brings years of experience leading, facilitating, coaching and designing development programs to her consulting.

Glenna is the creator of Walkabouts with Glenna, guided retreats for leaders who know that making a difference in the world requires the highest levels of self-awareness and the ability to discern what is needed at any time to move forward with purpose and conviction.

Glenna has presented at numerous local and national conferences for professional associations, including TEC, The Systems Thinking in Action Conference, Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, American Society for Training and Development, Association for Quality and Participation, Organization Development Network, ASQC, International Conference of Work Teams, International Association of Facilitators, National Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Glenna holds a BS in Applied Biology and Chemical Engineering from Columbia University.


Ethan RolandEthan Roland Solaviev

Ethan Roland Solaviev is an international expert on sustainable agriculture and permaculture design, with experience in 26 countries and projects from the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan to the tropical monsoon ecosystems of Thailand.  His ventures repair degraded farmland (Regenerative Real Estate LLC), redesign global supply chains (Terra Genesis International LLC), and educate the next generation of multi-capital profitable farmers (the Carbon Farming Course).   

He offers lectures and workshops around the world, and is the co-author of Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance.

He is the President of the Apios Institute for Regenerative Perennial Agriculture, sits on the board of The Resilience Foundation and he holds an B.S. in Biochemsitry from Haverford and an M.S. in Eco-Social Design from Gaia University. 


Zac SwartoutZac Swartout

Zac is the founder of Two Wolves, S.P. a coaching and consulting firm that collaborates with entrepreneurs, creatives, and teams to create thriving and resilient businesses for the new economy and beyond.

Zac has over a decade of diverse experience in the finance industry. As a vice president of the boutique investment bank Dahlman Rose & Co. (now Cowen & Co.), he helped build a 10 person trading outfit to a 125 person bank focused on commodities. After acquiring his MBA from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, he acted as the managing director of a securities-based crowdfunding platform for Cutting Edge Capital, an impact focused law firm and consultancy that helps local businesses raise mission aligned capital.

He is a current faculty member and graduate of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the first MBA program to offer a degree in sustainable business. At BGI, he teaches triple-bottom-line values, leadership, and personal development.

He is also a trained facilitator, Co-Active Coach®, and Agile Scrum Master.