Creating an Innovative, Growthful & Responsible Business

Business Acumen and actions that ensure….

  • non-displaceable market positioning,
  • developmental leaders who foster innovation
  • industry leadership of responsibility
  • inspired cultures and work design that promotes self-aligning with business strategy
  • enduring financial effectiveness in earnings, margins and cash flow
  • growth, using three perspectives, that make 10X a reality

Phase I: Reveal Essence

It starts from your business’ Essence–no one else can create the outcomes your company was founded to make. It is the catalyst (required for other phases).


Phase II: Focus Strategy

Create a systemic strategy, fueled from your business’ Essence, for making your business both non-displaceable, a driver of innovative, and responsible change.


Phase III: Organization Resonance

Infuse every project, function, and geographic location with that Essence-sourced systemic strategy.


Phase IV: Developmental Leadership

Develop responsible leadership, that moves everything inside your organization and changes the game out in the world.


Phase V: Development Management

Build your operations and develop your people to resonate with the Essence-sourced systemic strategy, and deliver that Essence into every decision and task.


In-House University Options for Phases II – V

Since there is often organizational turnover, promotions into new roles and strategic redirection of a business, not to mention acquisitions, we can do the first round or two of the work in these phases, or we can be your in-house university. This option saves you having a staff for this work and ensures depth in all the skills required beyond just the knowledge level. It takes many years to build the capability and so we have no “train the trainers” based on long term experience at what really works.