Phase I


Reveal Essence

This is a prerequisite for All Other Phases.

The Work

We interview leaders and some members of the organization to reveal foundational processes, contributions and values. We reveal the essence in words and images. We bring this in as a candidate and engage a team for refinement. This is a social and natural anthropological process for which we have forty years expertise. It is not a branding exercise but will inform one. We do the work for you and you get the benefit.


The Purpose of the Work

The purpose is to discover (not make up) the distinctive and singular nature of the organization that will give it a unifying concept that cannot be copied and offers an enduring legacy. As a result of this powerful organizing concept, decision-making is based on essence and all work of the business is focused.


The Case Result of the Work

We worked with Seventh Generation, the non-toxic personal and home care products company, to reveal their Essence – “Transparency as means to Evoke Social Dissonance.”  They moved from an environmental company to one that drives for social and ecological justice but empowering consumers with knowledge.  This enabled them to become a key adviser to Wal-Mart on their move to require transparency from all suppliers. It enabled them to grow their revenues by 30-65% annual.


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[box  size=”large” border=”full”]”Working with Carol changed the course of my life and that of Seventh Generation; responsible growth of 40-65% annually.” – Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder of Seventh Generation[/box]


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