Phase II


Focus Strategy

The Work

When Essence is ringing clear and the source of thinking, a strategic direction can be built. We teach you how to reveal the global imperatives (non-negotiable systemic First Principles) that the business most affects. Essence and Imperatives are held together at a ‘fitting’ intersection in the market that is uniquely able to be owned by the business. This lifts up indicators for product and process innovation and staging of execution.


The Purpose and Nature of the Work

This is an education process whereby the business leaders not only gain a more powerful positioning strategy but also way to create resonance with all members of the organization. Since it is a combination of education and consultative application, it can be used in coming years and decades to stay current but never lose the Essence of the business.


Case Results

We worked with DuPont to reconnect with its foundational Essence – “Managing Risks.”  As a result DuPont divested business that they could not own nor leverage, plus launched new business in different industries, and moved their earnings up by 40% over the next five years. They also built the basis for co-founding the UN Global Compacts and a partnership with the DuPont Board of Directors for making a sustainable business promise to shareholders.

To learn more about DuPont and aligning the business to it’s Essence, click here.


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