Phase III





Organization Resonance

The Work

When strategy is focused on singularity and a non-displaceable way of engaging in the market, based in essence and tied to global imperatives (which invites responsibility), it is time to make it the way all business is done. To avoid fragmentation, being insular from the effects of decisions and overcoming reactivity to markets and management, it is time to ensure that all functions use this work as their guiding light. Projects, which are often parallel endeavors, can be initiated and driven by the same resonant essence-source strategy. And each geography can bring the unifying concept into a culture in a way the uplifts and build on its uniqueness.


The Nature of the Work

We use an education process where we can either do this for a few cultural regions, projects and functions and then you take it from there; Or we can be your “in-house” team for launching all projects so that they succeed (85% of all projects fall short on objects, budget or time); for all functions from manufacturing to marketing) to ignite this clarity in their planning, decision-making and execution; and to work with every new acquisition or start up business you launch. We have done this for all functions including CFO teams, CMO teams and most others.


The Case Result of the Work

We worked with Colgate Europe on transitioning into the European Common Market where all countries had to change their practices to one-aligned corporate method and still be resonant with the local culture. We used the opportunity to education Colgate Europe leadership on leading change in policies, practices, manufacturing and all structure and system redesign using Essence sourced strategy. As an outcome, Colgate led all competition in Europe within one year when it had been the number three players in most categories and lower in some.


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