Phase IV





Developmental Leadership

The Work

Leadership has three roles. Build cultures, build spirit and will with the work force as they connect them to the pursuits and objectives of the business, and finally to keep an open system connection to all stakeholders outside the business where reciprocity is critical to the organizations success.


The Nature of the Work

Cultures are created by the philosophy and practice of leadership. Our work is to enable building a developmental culture. This process has each individual bring their own unique essence into the work and connect it with the Essence-sourced strategy direction of the business. We build capability of leadership to carry out these activities with what we call Developmental Leadership. Growing and develop people, grow and develop their connection to their individual and collective effects, and grow and develop their ability to change the impact of the business on the world outside their doors. The Essence-sourced Strategic Corporate Direction is the beacon for building resonance across the business and even the industry. This is the difference in embedding responsibility and success versus doing a corporate responsibility program. Leaders learn to use Essence-source Strategy in a way that builds spirit and will to contribute. Plus they lead everyone in how to think about trends, competitors and competitive energies like regulations, such that you avoid reactivity and stay focused. It is a capability they build for themselves and then for others. We often lead these sessions annually for our clients to ensure renewing and on-boarding of new leaders and employees.


The Case Results of The Work

The Google Innovation Lab for Food Experience is intending to shift our relationship as humans to food on the planet. Since Google’s mission is to make information ubiquitously available, and each engineer or leader is chartered with taking any subject that they feel can contribute to this mission, one Google leader has chosen food. Our CSI contribution has been as participant and thinking partner with the Lab. The stakeholder framework they are using in available in The Responsible Business. It is the underpinning of all the Lab’s work. The Lab has moved into a global effort with Fortune 500 businesses, leading universities, heads of state on five continents. One early initiative is the launching of a Commercial Community Supported Agriculture where Google, Stanford Hospital and other businesses are buying a share of a farms produce and prepaying for that share. They are also embedding our framework, for the way of thinking into business practice, in running the business.


[box  size=”large” border=”full”]”I strongly recommend  this work for running a balanced and responsible organization.  The framework provides a great roadmap and is the basis for our overall strategy and way of planning.” – Michiel Bakker, Google[/box]


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