Phase V





Development Management

The Work

The staying power of a culture, its strategic direction and durability as a business is embedded in the structures, systems and processes that determine how work is done and how it is managed. We redesign those organizational work structures, work systems and work processes so they are intricately linked with customer outcomes and so that each individual can bring their own unique personal agency, essence and desire to make a difference on a large scale, to the business.


The Nature of Work

We build jazz organizations that foster:

  • flexibility, (systems actualizing in relationship to business strategy, customer strategy and development plans where they make bigger promises that enable an organization to change the course of history);
  • innovation (based on direct links to customer measures of success); and
  • continuous growth and development (based on design of roles and work planning processes).

The Case Results of this Work

We initiated these work design practices with Procter and Gamble in the soap business. The redesign of the work systems are covered in-depth in The Responsible Business (click here to learn more). They still own every category in market share, margins and brand presence. This is due in large part to the work designs that we were either a part of building from inside or as a consultant adviser.

In DuPont, the same work systems have kept them as the non-displaceable leaders in all their categories.


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