Colgate-Palmolive, Europe

Colgate-Palmolive Europe

Nature of Engagement:

CSI was engaged by Colgate-Palmolive to support the development of a new strategic operational ability and to generate leadership development capabilities that would provide the impetus for operationalizing the strategy through the redesign of business processes and practices. All of this was accomplished by working, with cross-functional groups representing each of the business units from around Europe. Teams worked, in most cases with CSI through professional interpreters engaging up to six languages, in order to effectively cultivate the cross-system, personal capability building that was required to execute the strategy. Issues of multiple languages, currencies and cultures were all integrated into a comprehensive strategic initiative for operational, system-wide effectiveness. Additionally, a Regenerative Development Strategy ensured that the capabilities that were developed would be transferred throughout the organizations over time. This approach promoted the ongoing re-conceptualization of the role of the various businesses in service to their specific markets.


  • The nine business groups evolved toward a higher capacity to work strategically within dynamic and complex economic and political climates.
  • Those business enjoyed expanded markets, increased margins and cash flow and improved market share (up to 50% in some cases.) All of this while competitors lost ground and struggled with a severe recession.
  • Operating costs for the various business units were reduced on average by 20% per year during CSI’s engagement, with a system wide productivity improvement of 45%.
  • Organic evolvement toward managing environmental and social accountability lead to packing changes and distribution approaches.



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December 17, 2014