Deer Park Spring Water

Deer Park Spring Water

Nature of Engagement:

Working with Deer Park’s senior management, CSI created a comprehensive strategic direction targeted at moving the company to profitability within six months.

We used a series of tiered workshops designed to challenge management to reconceptualize the strategy, develop leadership capabilities and upgrade operational effectiveness

Cross-functional Leadership teams understood how the actions they took daily effected earnings, margins and cash flows and how to develop their people toward self-managing, self-motivating, capabilities.

Functional and operational groups learned to ensure that all of their business process work was in alignment in the new strategy: which included extensive evaluation and re-design of the IT infrastructure.


  • Development of a distinctive, compelling, executable strategy that aligned all efforts toward profitability and value creation in the market and communities.
  • Development of integrated systems in 48 locations into an effective, highly profitable network.
  • Final product cost reduction of an average of 20%, with simultaneous improved client relationships.
  • 250% improvement in profitability in two years, with the company “in the black” in the first four months.
  • Capability to lead change provided large numbers of promoteable managers for the next 3 years that were greatly sought after by the rest of the company and others.

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December 17, 2014