Merida Meridian

Merida Meridian

Merida Meridian produces natural fiber (such as jute, sisal, or wool) rugs for commercial and residential use. It emphasizes design quality and innovative production practices as a way to fully engage the creative skill of its co-creators, many of whom live in or come from rural communities in the developing world. The company has strong value for the cultural expertise brought by its co-creators, and acknowledges their stature as artisans.

We helped Merida change business models and channels of distribution successfully.

We engaged the leadership to find the essence of the business, its singularity and redirect its marketing and sales, as well as connect every person in the business to the creative endeavors of the new directions. Now the company was firmly committed to working closely with interior designers to produce high quality, sustainably sourced, locally produced rugs – a strategy that they believe not only builds on Merida’s unique skills in weaving and design, but also helped catalyze a revival in locally manufactured, artisanal home products and begin to change the consumption equation towards conscious consumption and a deep appreciation for beauty and sustainability.

Merida supports cooperatives in Brazil and small weaving companies across Asia, working with each to improve its design capacity and ability to manage a business so that it can grow into employing more community members through time. Merida helps these small businesses understand their effects on the living systems from which they draw their raw materials, so that they can secure an increasingly reliable source for livelihood. The aim is to help local communities and landscapes increase the ability to determine their own futures through their ongoing relationship with Merida.


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March 7, 2015