The Regenerative Business Summit

The Regenerative Business Summit

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Nov. 16th, 2021

9 am to 3 pm Pacific Time


Regenerative Governing

  • If a governing body were to pursue a Regenerative path, what would  they work on that is different than a Sustainable, Circular, Donut Path? And is the process different?
  • If they take on regeneration, is it different for the For-Profit body of Directors and Advisors?
  • Do commercial enterprises differ from not-for-profit in their work and challenges? Philanthropic Foundations or Activist organizations seeking change? How about Associations and membership organizations with Boards which usually have not-for-profit structures!
  • And then there are paid and unpaid Governing Bodies. Whew!

Is governing a ‘universal process’ or highly different in each of these context? And what makes it regenerative, anyway?

“Carol is a visionary, giving us revolutionary, yet proven ideas, of what The Business of the Future looks like and how to create it, NOW. Carol’s work continues to be an amazing source of inspiration for Google Food Innovation Program—her approach to business is one of our foundational philosophies!”

– Michiel Bakker, Director, Google Global Food Innovation Lab


 Regenerative Governing is the subject of this year’s Regenerative Business Summit held virtually, November 17, 2020 from 9-3 pm. This year we embrace not-for-profits and encourage their participation. The summit will give an overview of the Regenerative Governance Framework we used with Chad Holiday in Dupont to co-create the U. N. Global compact with his Board. And we spent four years with Colgate in Western Europe to integrate 9 counties and 12 languages for governing across those continental boundaries. In DuPont, they also built dozens of business unit task forces with external members for each business that led to shifting the Board’s position on Dupont’s Role in social change. The same framework was also used in Colgate Europe by Chuck Beck to create innovative relationships across Europe, which provided leadership to the integration of Europe, supporting the reimaging of supply systems and work systems in a heavily regulated environment.

“Carol Sanford transforms how to think about business and the world—producing not only sustainable prosperity but levels of meaning and commitment that most firms only dream of. She has created the prototype for the Business of the Future.”

– Rebecca Henderson, Senator John Heinz Professor, Harvard Business School

Regenerative Governing Boards Framewok

A few of the questions that underlie the framework we work from are:

  • What is the industry, sector or domain responsibility of the Governing Body? How does it position the entity it stewards to carry out strategy especially in uncertain times? How can governing bodies create social change with their business as a thought leader, educator and infrastructure designer?
  • How does the Essence of the entity they serve get stewarded across transitions in management and Board Member and committee rotation, so its offerings and identity are not personality driven by each new CEOs or Executive Director?
  • How can the integrity of the business and its place in the world be guided in up and down markets and in risky times such that investor/funders have confidence, so consumer/beneficiaries and marketplace/regulatory are being tended to so their effectiveness continues? And, how does the board ensure Integrity of the persons on the governing body as self-managing entity?
  • How can Financial Effectiveness be guided with innovative practice to ensure earnings, margins and cash flow are steady and fair? Including development of investor relations, whether institutions, taxpayers, shareholders or private capital as loans, donations or stock purchases in the work of this Governing Body Charter?
  • How does the governing body engage in stakeholder development beyond current management work such that they ensure local, national and global social systems are evolved to promote equity through systems design, systemic wealth creation through strategy choices, health and vitality of a society and planet through leadership roles. How can they lead evolutionary growth (which is regenerative) rather than expansion growth (which is degenerative)?

“Carol Sanford’s Regenerative way of working with Seventh Generation opened a door to a whole new level of engaging in everything we do—from how we organize the company, to strategic thinking, working with stakeholders, product development, and marketing. We have dramatically improved our strategic leadership and organizational practices. This has contributed significantly to growth of 45 percent in our first year and over 60 percent in the following years. This approach is foundational to the, and our, future.”

– Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder of Seventh Generation and American Sustainable Business Council.






Focus of 2020 Summit:

We will work on the five focuses of work for a Regenerative Governing Board, with specific focus on working on transforming bias and its effects in social justice. How can Boards of Directors steer change in society from their way of doing business in daily decisions and activities? And in how they engage stakeholders and other governing bodies?

 Join us for The Summit Nov. 16,  2021!

Stay for the Governing Board Community in 2021


Beyond the Summit:

There is a new Regenerative Business Community forming in Early 2021 that focuses on The Regenerative Governing Body Community.  Think of the Summit as an introduction to The Regenerative Governing Board Community that will work in depth on the five factors that move it from a board working operationally, to one working strategically in world-changing ways. In the Regenerative Business Community, We will explore moving beyond the lower paradigm (activist, advocacy thinking) which increases polarization and resistance. We learn how not to get caught up in lower energy processes when things feel grave, and move toward a Quantum paradigm view and understanding, which has been behind hundreds of major changes over centuries. It is a fundamental paradigm shift we need now.  In addition to The Regenerative Governing Board Community, there will be a magazine launched, working with Carol, to write about Social Justice and Unbiasing, for those who want to deepen their critical thinking about the subject of applying Regeneration to the most gnarly social questions. There will be limited seats at the table for this engagement.

Join us for the Virtual Summit

November 17, 2020. 9 am PT to 3 pm PT. It is for Board Teams engaging in a Working session to advance their thinking and leading profound change in social systems that are imbued with systemic and structural rethinking. Development of Living System Critical Thinking coupled with Strategic Action Taking at individual and collective Board Level. We recommend you get as many of your board together as you can to launch the work together. Attendance for the first 3 board members is $597 and $199 for each additional member for the day. Board Members Only Invited.
Not appropriate for business managers or consultants. Make sure you are a good fit before paying. No refunds. 

Producer and Director

Carol Sanford, founder of Carol Sanford Institute, has an extraordinarily successful forty-year track record of growing businesses responsibly, increasing their revenue by as much as 40%-65% a year. Her expertise includes teaching companies how to build triple-digit margin growth and offer a funnel of products for decade-sustaining earnings in dynamic industries and markets. She is a Senior Fellow of Social Innovation and Executive-in-Residence at Babson College.

Resources are members of The Regenerative Business Alliance.

 Carol Sanford’s probing questions helped us think more clearly about who we are as a company and how we can become more effective at achieving our mission. How can we, ourselves, and all of our employees shape and resonate with the goals of the business at a deep level? Carol offered ways for placing our highest human values at the center of our business, so that the business can become more relevant in the world and more rewarding to both customers and employees.”

– Dirk B. Wassink, General Manager, Second Use Materials, Inc.

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