The Regenerative Business Summit




Nov. 15th, 2022

9 am to 3 pm Pacific Time


Regenerative Society – From 2021 Summit

Come work on understanding how these are invisible to us but the only place from which we can change our patterns and pathways:    

  • Biology as the Functional restraint — Reptilian brain activates wrong working of Moving center. What does it take to learn how to put the executive brain function in charge of the reptilian brain?
  • Tribalism and Clan cultures as the Being restraint — The need to belong activates wrong working of Emotional center. What does it take to redesign work so tribalism and exclusivity don’t form?
  • Paradigm Conditioning toward Lower Paradigm thinking as the Will restraint — Pervasive unquestioned mental structuring of human processes activates wrong working of Intellectual Center. What does it take to move to Living Systems Thinking?


“Carol is a visionary, giving us revolutionary, yet proven ideas, of what The Business of the Future looks like and how to create it, NOW. Carol’s work continues to be an amazing source of inspiration for Google Food Innovation Program—her approach to business is one of our foundational philosophies!”

– Michiel Bakker, Director, Google Global Food Innovation Lab

Why we escalate the degeneration of society by how we work on Regeneration— causing polarization, racism, and factions

Focus of 2021 Summit:

The path to Societal Regeneration, and reversing Collapse, is dependent on EACH one of us understanding how living systems work. Misunderstandings about this underlie war and conflict, racism and inequality, genderism and violence, authoritarianism and injustice, habitat destruction and climate disasters, pandemics, and do good humanitarianism. All have the same source in human behavior – or more accurately, the paradigm and thinking that underlies the resulting behavior. Working “nodally” on this regenerative paradigm way of thinking is the place for businesses, organizations, and institutions to put their energies and position their change efforts to speed up the evolution of our society and institutions toward systemic outcomes.

    “Carol Sanford transforms how to think about business and the world—producing not only sustainable prosperity but levels of meaning and commitment that most firms only dream of. She has created the prototype for the Business of the Future.”

    – Rebecca Henderson, Senator John Heinz Professor, Harvard Business School

    “Carol Sanford’s Regenerative way of working with Seventh Generation opened a door to a whole new level of engaging in everything we do—from how we organize the company, to strategic thinking, working with stakeholders, product development, and marketing. We have dramatically improved our strategic leadership and organizational practices. This has contributed significantly to growth of 45 percent in our first year and over 60 percent in the following years. This approach is foundational to the, and our, future.”

    – Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder of Seventh Generation and American Sustainable Business Council.




    It takes a lot of patience and tenacity to change the course of our endeavors. We need a lot of capability building for everyone – and unlearning of some myths, misunderstandings, and fabrications.  We have as humans now had 400 years of bad education and conditioning on some subjects and over 2000 years of building cultures. Plus, we have had since early arrival of humans to instill the biological restraints. And when something has multi-generational affirmations from every place we live, work, and learn, it is hard to see the flaws in the messages. It takes a couple of years to dislodge the blinders and build new lenses to perceive and ultimately conceive of a different way of making sense of the world.  The good news is that it can be changed.


    There are enough test cases to know that working this way can bring great and deep change. Racism can be significantly decreased, resulting in higher equality. Authoritarianism can be displaced, thereby changing the patterns of injustice and even reduction of violence, coupled with redesigning systems that undermine tribal conflict. We must, each well-intended person, understand that we are part of the problem. Then we can use our businesses to foster the relearning and dislodging of fixed patterns on what we consider “ideal”. Only then can we speed up the change we all know we need.



    The Challenge: We each have ideas and ideals about how human should behave and want to impose them on everyone. Even each of us well-intended folks. Yep! Me too! Yes, impose it as a benevolent answer to our miseries as a species on a planet. We hold tenaciously to our attachments about them in our missions, visions, values, purposes, and causes, thinking they are the role model.  We join with others with similar ideals in the collaborations and associations in the fight for what is ‘right and good’. Our good intentions may be our biggest hindrance.


    Come learn more about the sticking points of our current practices, missions, and values, all of which we identify with as being the ‘good guys’ and seeing the ‘other guys’ as the bad actors. Come ready to release attachments to your certainty and question what you identify yourself as and with. Maybe you fear letting go of those definitions, not knowing what to replace them with.


    Plus: Why don’t people change? Could it be that the way we are working on them as well-intended people is ineffective and we don’t notice? Might our approaches be counterproductive and even escalating the problems we face? And… are we using the wrong measurements to assess our effectiveness in producing change? Do we have the wrong performance indices?


    Join us for The Summit Dec. 8,  2021!

    Stay for the Regenerative Business Development Community – New Strategic Thinking Cohort in 2022


    Beyond the Summit:

    There is a new Cohort of The Regenerative Business Community forming in January 2022 that focuses on Regenerative Business Strategic Thinking.  Think of the Summit as an introduction to The Regenerative Business Community that will work in depth on the six core factors (e.g.Essence Thinking, Regenerative Performance Indices) that move it from a business working operationally, to one working regeneratively in world-changing ways. In the Regenerative Business Community, we explore moving beyond the lower paradigms (mechanistic behavioral) which increase degenerative practices and outcomes. We learn how not to get caught up in lower energy processes when things feel grave, and move toward a Quantum paradigm view and understanding, which has been behind hundreds of major changes over centuries. It is a fundamental paradigm shift we need now.  In addition to The Regenerative Business Community new cohort, we have a Change Agent Community increasing Living Systems way of working with organizations. There will be limited seats at the table for this engagement. See our case stories of extraordinary outcomes on the website.

    Join us for the Virtual Summit

    December 8, 2021. 9 am to 3 pm PT.


    Join us for 6 hours, intended to turn your world upside down and give you a way to examine your responsibility, sustainability, circular economy, diversity, inclusion, and even advocacy programs. You will likely walk away with dozens of questions, but they will be new ones, not the ones you arrived with.

    Bring 3-9 people with you. Meet other organizations who come to question themselves, rather than condemn the bad actors toward whom we normally point our finger. Pogo said it 50 years ago. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Come and bring your courage but leave you defenses behind. This could change your life. And all of life!

    Attendance for the first 3 members of an organization or team: $597 and $199 for each additional member for the day.

    Not appropriate for consultants. Make sure you are a good fit before paying. No refunds. 

    Producer and Director

    Carol Sanford, founder of Carol Sanford Institute, has an extraordinarily successful forty-year track record of growing businesses responsibly, increasing their revenue by as much as 40%-65% a year. Her expertise includes teaching companies how to build triple-digit margin growth and offer a funnel of products for decade-sustaining earnings in dynamic industries and markets. She is a Senior Fellow of Social Innovation and Executive-in-Residence at Babson College.

    Resources are members of The Regenerative Business Alliance.

     Carol Sanford’s probing questions helped us think more clearly about who we are as a company and how we can become more effective at achieving our mission. How can we, ourselves, and all of our employees shape and resonate with the goals of the business at a deep level? Carol offered ways for placing our highest human values at the center of our business, so that the business can become more relevant in the world and more rewarding to both customers and employees.”

    – Dirk B. Wassink, General Manager, Second Use Materials, Inc.

    Case stories and testimonials are online at