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Marjorie Kelly

TRC – The Responsible Capitalist – Marjorie Kelly

The Responsible Capitalist, interview with Marjorie Kelly, The Democracy Collaborative, about a ​new book by her​ and Ted Howard; The Making of a Democratic Economy.

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John-Paul Photo crop

TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – John-Paul Maxfield

Join me for a free-ranging, engaged conversation with John-Paul Maxfield. Maxfield is the founder of Waste Farmers, more of an enterprise than just a business. Precisely it is a holding company, the first one to gain B-Corp certification. It works to cover the considerations that regenerative agriculture must be accountable to and for. John-Paul was […]

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TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – All Good

Carol interviews Caroline Duell, Founder and CEO of All Good. Hear her story, her husband Ryan Rich’s farming roots, and how the two are growing the company, All Good, with open minds and a creative process for ongoing betterment.

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TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – Recycle Force

Learn about a program to change the lives of people who leave prision and want to stay out. Complex recycling of valuable technology materials for high paying jobs.Supported by social systems to learn how to make their life work. I interview Greg Keesling.

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TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – Frederik Christian Rasbech

with Frederik Christian Rasbech, of Twelve Pieces. A unisex clothing line inspired by the African Culture from which its designer originated, although he grew up in Aarhus, Denmark. Rasbech is the Business side of the partnership. He tells us the story of it’s founding, its intentions to create cross cultural dialogues and learning and how […]

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TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – Social Justice Fund with Palmira Figueroa

A revolutionary new way to do philanthropy that builds community and wisdom about organizations up close and personal. It is a fundamentally different way to develop caring, not just kindness from a distance. Hear from and leader. Palmira Figueroa, and a participant, Jessica Green.

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TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – Sheryl O’Loughlin

Sheryl O’Loughlin, CEO of REBBL Beverages tells us about the amazing story of the founding and the evolution of the business to a leader in their industry. Sheryl also shares her journey as a co-founder of Plum Organics, after leading Clif Bar. So many lessons for entrepreneurs, new and experienced.

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TRE – The Responsible Entrepreneur – Propagate Ventures

This podcast is with Propagate Ventures who has set out to redefine agriculture by working with investors, farmers and brands to implement regenerative agroforestry solutions. Propagate works to design, install and manage tree-crop systems that work in tandem with existing farm operations while generating economic returns, building soil health and sequestering carbon. Meet the founders: Jeremy Kaufman, Ethan Steinberg and […]

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The Regenerative Business – Lake Flato Prize 2017 Interview

Carol Sanford interviews Greg Papay and Robert Hoang of Lake Flato Architects, San Antonio, TX. Global Honoree and Sheltering Stream honoree at 2017 Regenerative Business Prize.

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