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TRC – The Responsible Capitalist – Sidney Cano

Sidney Cano has been working on Transformative Investment for several years now. As CEO of DUIT (a Business Enterprise she co-founded alongside with her father and a few more business partners in Mexico), she is promoting new ways of investing in businesses with the potential of shifting the way economics work, aspiring to lead a […]

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7 Levels of Impact Investing: A Regenerative Perspective on Assessing Potential Outcomes

The term “impact investment” emerged in 2007 to describe an approach that deliberately builds intangible assets alongside tangible, financial ones. A commitment to measuring social and environmental performance with the same rigor that is applied to financial performance is considered a critical, even indispensable, component of impact investing.   We believe that dividing out the […]

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Babushka Dolls

What Is Regeneration? Part 5 – Nestedness

It is clear to most of the folks I talk with that the primary paradigm, or worldview, that we use to manage businesses (as well as government, education, and families) is causing a major shortfall for humans, economies, societies, and our living Earth. Interestingly, most people can list a few qualities of this paradigm but […]

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What Is Regeneration? Part 4 – Singularity

A current, prevailing worldview is that everything and everyone can be categorized as a particular type. Each of us—plant, animal, or human—can be classified within a system of limited possibilities. Based on this belief, all of us humans are hungry to know who we are and how we fit into our time and place. We […]

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Leaping Frog

What is Regeneration? Part 2 – Living Structured Wholes

Last month I began a series of posts on the concept of regeneration with a short history, a definition, and some fundamental ideas. The practice of regenerating businesses originated from Living Systems Thinking. Charles Krone, who was one of the pioneers of Procter and Gamble’s revolutionary work design, developed framework-thinking, which promotes the ability to […]

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What is Regeneration? Part 1 – A Definition and Some Fundamental Ideas

Forty years ago, I met a cadre of business designers and developers who called what they did Regenerative Business Design. They had led an extraordinarily successful revolution at Procter and Gamble that demonstrated a state-of-the-art approach to producing return on investment with people and assets. In an industry whose margins were collapsed to below 5 percent, they delivered earnings that were […]

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The Regenerative Organization – Part V

The Regenerative Organization – Guidelines to Design Work and How to Manage People for Innovation, Growth and Responsibility – Part V In part five of the series, Carol Sanford discusses the key to a business that is focused and yet a great place to work is building ongoing development into work design. To grow a business you […]

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The Regenerative Organization – Part IV

The Regenerative Organization: Guidelines to Design Work and Manage People for Innovation, Growth and Responsibility – Part IV In this vblog Carol Sanford explores how you get and keep focused and innovating when there are no traditional supervisors. How do you avoid the so-called problem of  “the inmates running the asylum?” How you keep everyone on […]

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The Regenerative Organization – Part III

The Regenerative Organization – Guidelines for Work Design and How to Manage People for Innovation, Growth and Responsibility – Part III   Carol Sanford explores guidelines for The Regenerative Organization including management and work design. This vblog centers on core human characteristics – the power of initiative and act.  In essence, how do you foster and develop personal agency, […]

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The Regenerative Organization – Part II

The Regenerative Organization – Guidelines to Design Work and How to Manage People for Innovation, Growth and Responsibility – Part II In this blog, Carol Sanford explores guidelines for The Regenerative Organization including management and work design.  How you embed responsibility into work design?  Do supervisors have to go away? I discuss the key factors in building […]

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The Regenerative Organization Part 1: History of Work Design

From Authority, to Autonomy and then to Ableness In spite of claims in a Fast Company article announcing a founder of a new emerging work design, holarchy, the popular modern organization structure is not new, nor the first. Zappos is the example most currently used. However, the first version of the revolutionary idea of removing hierarchies happened […]

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Macbook Air

What Is a Great Business? What is a Responsible Business?

Think of your favorite products. They make your life deeply satisfying, meaningful, and workable. They help you be your best self and do your best work. You identify with them and tell others about them. You’re proud to be represented by them. Customer’s Lives Are Enriched My favorite product is my new Apple MacBook Air. I’m […]

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Developmental Leadership: Reimaging Leadership in The Responsible Business

Leadership is a much spoken about and highly misunderstood subject. It is most often seen as a role of inspiration and motivation. But leadership that ensures a business’s success and its responsibility is neither of these—it is something very different. Responsible Leadership Leadership in The Responsible Business avoids seeking to inspire and does not believe […]

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