Join me for a free-ranging, engaged conversation with John-Paul Maxfield. Maxfield is the founder of Waste Farmers, more of an enterprise than just a business. Precisely it is a holding company, the first one to gain B-Corp certification. It works to cover the considerations that regenerative agriculture must be accountable to and for. John-Paul was open to questions that took him in new directions and explorations. He rose to the challenge. As well as providing some important guidelines to farmers everywhere and those of us who depend on them. Think about what your answers would be to the same questions John-Paul took and offered. Then send us some reflections. We may publish them and interview you about your business next.
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About Waste Farmers:
Waste Farmers is the parent company of Batch 64 as well as the first regenerative holding and operating company based in Denver. They develop people, businesses and brands that transform emerging social and environmental needs into market-based opportunities.

About Batch:64
For conscious cannabis producers in need of growing medium Batch 64 is the first cannabis cultivation solutions company built on the ethos of trust, consistency in craftsmanship, and innovation. Batch 64 is committed to transparency, and our regenerative, multi-stakeholder purpose works to provide the latest advancements in cultivation standards, enabling our customers the ability to deliver an undeviated high-yield, the high-quality product through our premium solutions.

About John-Paul Maxfield:
In 2009, founder John-Paul Maxfield left the world of private equity without a clear plan for his future. He had a belief that idealism and capitalism can coexist. John-Paul didn’t know what the next 9 years (and three kids later) would look like but knew that building an enduring company is the most powerful lever for addressing emerging social and environmental needs. That’s why he founded Waste Farmers and is hell-bent on building the biggest and most responsible conglomerate in the history of mankind.

Additionally, John-Paul is a co-founder of Colorado Americana Band, Coal Town Reunion. Coal Town Reunion recently release a new Album entitled “Stories we Tell”, listen here: Songwriting is an extension of the creative process for John-Paul and many of the themes relevant to the purpose of Waste Farmers or the journey of being an entrepreneur make their way into many of CTR’s songs.

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